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Neatly Cleaned Glass Window Auckland

Angel window cleaners wants to help you, keep your building it’s best for your business. Your windows are one of the first things a client notices. Clean windows provide a more attractive appearance for potential clients or customers and create a more pleasant environment for employees.

Most offices should get a thorough window cleaning twice a year – ideally in the spring and at the start of summer. You may find your windows need cleaned more often if you live on a busy street or near saltwater. Letting salt stay on the glass too long will eventually damage the glass.

The type of window cleaning solution and equipment we use varies according to the type of windows you have with dozens of types of glass, windows often require special cleaning agents and using the wrong one could be ineffective or cause damage. For example, double glass windows are held together with a vacuum that could be compromised if the rubber trim that seals it is damaged by the wrong type of cleaner. If the seal breaks, moisture and dusts can get in the window, making it impossible to get clean. However, some situations will call for specialized window cleaning solutions.

Removing the dirt and grime from your windows is a difficult, time-consuming and a potentially dangerous job. Thousands of people are injured each year from ladder falls and the need to stretch to reach corners increases the chances of an accident.

Our cleaning services can :

Do your dustings, clean your toilets and bathrooms, spruce up the kitchen,
vacuum the carpets, empty the bins, wash the floors, sanitise your keyboards & phones

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