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Cleaning Tips for Your Home or Office :

Clean Windows :

Wash windows on a cloudy, but not rainy days. Working in direct sunlight causes streaks because the cleaning solution dries before you can wiope it off. This is the best time to vacuum the frames and sills. Cool, clear water is the choice of most professional window washers. If windows are very dirty you can add 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar per gallon of water. Use horizontal strokes on the inside and vertical on the outside so you know which side the streaks are on for drying windows, a wad of crumpted newspaper works just as well as expensive paper towels. Wear rubber gloves to keep your hands free of ink.

Countertops :

First remove everything. Then vacuum or dust off all crumbs. Then wet a white nylon backed sponge with dishwashing detergent solution and use the sponge side to go over the counter, including the backsplash. Let the solution set on the surface for a few minutes to soften hard droplets. Then, use the nylon side of the sponge as necessary to remove any stubborn stuff. Buff dry with a clean, lint free towel. If your countertops have lost their luster, try furniture polish or club soda to give a temporary shine to your kitchen.

Feeling the Urge to Clean?

Look at each room and identify specific tasks. Make a list of cleaning priorities. Share the fun with family members.

Kitchen : wash and wax wood floors and mop vinyl floors. Clean out refrigerator and pantry. Change shelf-liners. Straighten junk drawer Wipe down cabinet.

Bathroom : Use lint-free cloths or a squeegee to wash windows inside and out. Dust the sill. Vacuum the window well.

Window Treatments : Vacuum draperies. Wash blinds. Replace heavy drapes with lightweight or sheer curtains.

Furniture : Polish furniture, wash upholstery, vacuum between cushions. Clean behind and under sofas and cabinets.

Closets : Give old clothes and furniture to charity. Vacuum floors. Dust shelves. Hang cedar blocks to freshen the areas.

Clean Doors Give a Great Impression :

If company is coming, clean and wash the doors in your house. No one knows why, but your whole house looks good. Scrub the door from top to bottom with a rag and soapy water, using a scrub brush for especially tough spots. While you’re at it, wipe down the top edge of the frame. With all the dust that collects up there, it probably looks like velvet. Along with the upper side of a ceiling fan, the top of the door is one of the most missed spots in the home.

Best Way to Tackle Cleaning :

Always start at the top of the room and work your way down.

Always clean top to bottom. When you dust, start at the top and work down.

Take all your cleaning tools with you into each room to avoid unnecessary trips back and forth.

Unplug the phone and the turn off the T.V.

Eliminate clutter. An uncluttered home looks better than one that is dust-free but strewn with odds and ends.

Clean as you go! It takes a lot less time to remove new dirt than old, and to clean and put away stuff as you use it, than to clean and store the pile-up you can accumulate.

A house that smells fresh will give the impression of cleanliness. Leave baking soda on carpeting for the night to absorb musty odors, vacuum in the morning.

Keep a big astro-turf mat on the porch to cut down on tracked in dirt.

Keep a basket in the kitchen for the mail, newspaper, car keys to help with clutter.

Keep a hamper in every bathroom.

Make everyone in charge of making his or her own bed and picking up their stuff.

Always pickup the T.V. room before bedtime and start the dishwasher.

Prioritize, if your time is limited decided what is most important.

Delegate, get the entire family involved.

Make a checklist, when a job is completed, check it off – you’ll feel as though you are really accomplishing something.